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It’s tomorrow be there !!

I’ll be there

and mars maylani too

Amazing Talent that Needs to be Seen !

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Amazing Talent that Needs to be seen !

Douglas Breuninger

I first seen A picture online and was loving it ! It was a picture of “Rusty”

I didn’t know who drew it but it looked amazing and caught my eye forsure….


“free hand rusty slammington cariacture (cleaned up just a tid bit more)”

After seeing this Art, I was serious when I was thinking of messaging  Douglas. Man of many talents…..

He let me know he was interesting in looking to do Mine for the Vip scene.

I have nothing but Major Props when I was eating dinner and seen that I was tagged in a photo tonight !


“VIPd Out” Lexus GS400 caricature (all free hand drawn in photoshop)


If you are looking to get a photo made for you or your ride… please feel free to message Douglas today

His face book is located here ( Douglas Facebook)


Here is some of the art he has made and It became a reality too

SEMA 2009: widebody 2010 mustang concept rendering.

Here it is in 3d


This is one of my Favorites !

69 Chevy Impala


porsche 996 turbo digital rendering for his cousin


There are so many more things this Guy can do…. Please message me if you wanted to get a quote and I can forward it on to him.

I am looking forward personally working with Douglas on some tatoo art aswell,

“Inked my arm with prisma markers out of boredom during 3rd term presentations……”

Another view

I can not wait to work with him in the future !


EMAIL: dougbreuninger@gmail.com

Let me know the dimensions for the posters….i figure it will range from $80- $150 depending on sizes desired…

IF anyone wants artwork or design
Cariactures $250 each view.

Design work & tattoo design cost: (depends on complexity)



Updated Website !

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Please Make sure to Check out the Redone site


All the new Blogs are on there !

What!!!! The Rubber Ducky Is BACK DANM!!!!

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James Church brought the rubber ducky back EPIC!!!!

Photo By: Anthony Lezada (Canibeat.Com)

Anthony Gots the <

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Gotta say thanks for taking time to shoot the car, It Isnt done as far as fitment goes but I can say its almost there, with the new Upper A Arms installed and the new Outter Tierods, the suspension should be super tight, just Needing to drill the enginebay for clearance and add 2 degrees of camber to the front and call it a day, On the outside, whats waiting is the debadging of the trunk , added the trunk chrome bar, and a wing down the road if the car permits…

thanks for the great shot and looking forward to hanging this shot on the wall .

Check out Canibeat.com for more of his shots !

The Aggressive Wheel Fitment Meet & Greet

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Same Day  Three Different Locations.

MB Wheels

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Hello all blogger’s and car feature’s,

Please stop featuring cars with MB wheels.

Thank you.


Formula D- Sonoma

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so on saturday went to my first formula anything event. happened to be FD. pretty badass i must say and i cant wait for the next one. hopefully ill remember to bring my tripod, and maybe also get to go out onto the field. first time really using my 70-300 to shoot action and none of my panning shots were coming out good with it (no tripod, maybe even a higher iso would have helped but my camera does bad with high iso.) but ill be going out to some of the thunderdrift events to hone my skills. well im done talking so lets get straight to the pictures.

F/s Greddy Front mount and Elbows (NEW)

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If you have a 93+ rx7 and looking for quality parts, Pxracings own Rex is selling his set up that wasnt used,

Greddy- Front mount intercooler and All elbows, and all hardware/hosing which hasnt been used.

Greddy- Elbow for the intake, polished

The complete set up Normally runs 1950.+ but he would like 950 and he will deliever to your area.

Contact me for more details.



Upper A Arm time

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I heard of this company online Rockauto.com

I was also hearing some creeking from the upper a arms.I knew it is time to get these to change out asap. I  ordered these on a saturday and recieved on a wednesday. Super fast shipping and price was best found online too 270.00 for both shipped !  I will keep everyone posted on things turn up 🙂 scheduled work date sunday

The lexus joints has issues and its been time to get some new ones