CaniBeat Makes it to Munchies !

Thats right guys, Make sure to show face this Thursday night in Suisun City. (@Munchies) on the side of raleys…

August 12th, Anthony lezada Official Photographer from canibeat is headed to Munchies,

I got to see him @ the Santa Cruz “Rendeverous meet” and had a blast, He took some great shots and look forward to seeing if he would come out to this meet and see if More people would attend this more often. This meet has been going on for 8+ months and each Thursday I make sure to go.

Here are some of his images he took in Santa Cruz for me… I love these shots ! each one is Money

Looking forward to the meet I will have one side on new wheels 😉

Meet starts at 8pm-Midnight, See Everyone one there !


~ by vipdout on August 10, 2010.

5 Responses to “CaniBeat Makes it to Munchies !”

  1. haha thanks james! i hope to make it out there this thursday!

  2. Dude I’ll be there let’s get some pics of our black ass rides together

  3. whats munchies?? is it over there by port a sub?

  4. hey anthony how can i contact yu i need a fenddr rolling job for my ride..

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